Who We Help


We represent qui tam whistleblowers who come forward to expose wrongdoing and fraud against the federal or state government.  Our successful False Claims Act, SEC, and IRS whistleblower cases have returned hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the government and our clients are compensated with a percentage of the returned funds.

Whistleblower LawyersFraud Victims

We are investigators. We are trial lawyers. We fight for the rights of consumers and investors. We represent people swindled by insurance companies, mortgage companies, telemarketers, and other companies that have dealt with consumers in bad faith.

Property Insurance Claim Victims

When property insurance companies invoke their “right to repair” and require you to use their preferred contractor, rather than your choice, you have rights. You should not be required to pay a deductible or any out-of-pocket costs under “managed repair.” Click here to learn more about whether your rights were violated.

Government Agencies

We routinely partner with State Attorneys General, Regulators, Government Bodies, and Congressional Committees to aid in their investigations and to bring about positive change for taxpayers.