Chris Hoyer

Chris Hoyer

Chris Hoyer – 1945-2019

Founding partner Chris Hoyer passed away on April 27, 2019.  Chris was an inspirational leader who always fought on the side of truth and justice.

For nearly half a century, he battled crime and corruption with an unrivaled passion — first, as a federal and state prosecutor for 20 years; and then in the civil arena, after co-founding the James Hoyer law firm in 1993.  At James Hoyer, he prosecuted large scale fraud cases on behalf of taxpayers and consumers. He passed his passion to strive for what’s right in society on to his daughter Jesse Hoyer, who runs the firm today. Chris’s presence is greatly missed, but we will always remember his strength, spirit, and compassion.

Chris’s career took him from Florida courtrooms to Hollywood movie screens. From 1975-1980, he was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Tampa, Florida, where he specialized in trying cases of fraud and corruption. Following that, Chris worked on the U.S. Justice Department Strike Force on Organized Crime. The mob movie “Donnie Brasco,” starring Johnny Depp, was based in part upon an undercover operation run by the FBI and prosecuted by Chris and partner Bill James. In addition to the organized crime cases, Chris prosecuted massive nationwide Ponzi schemes, corrupt banks, oil price fixing, and political corruption, including the conviction of three Hillsborough County Commissioners.

During his days as a prosecutor, Chris worked alongside Al Scudieri, veteran FBI agent, and current James Hoyer Lead Investigator. Chris later became campaign manager for Bill James, a good friend, and fellow prosecutor who ran for the State Attorney’s Office. After a successful campaign, Bill tapped Chris to serve as his Chief Assistant in 1985. They both served eight years in that office, transforming it from worst to first in the State of Florida.

In 1993, Chris and his wife, Judy, also a career prosecutor, joined with good friends John Newcomer and Bill James to found James Hoyer in Tampa, Florida. Since its inception, the firm has been actively engaged in complex fraud litigation on behalf of consumers, whistleblowers, and government agencies. To supplement his passion for fighting against corporate greed and giving voice to the “little guy,” Hoyer created the Consumer Warning Network, a website dedicated to exposing consumer issues via the internet.

Chris received his law degree from the University of Florida (J.D., with honors 1973) where he served as Executive Editor of the law review. Before his career as a prosecutor, he served two years as a law clerk to U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman. He has served as chairman of the Hillsborough County Criminal Justice Committee and the Hillsborough County Justice Information Steering Committee. Chris also served as Vice Chairman of the Trial Lawyers Section of the Hillsborough County Bar Association and chairman of the Grievance Committee of the Florida Bar.

Chris was born and raised in Metuchen, New Jersey.  He and Judy have three grown children.

Chris had many great pursuits outside the office. He spent much of his free time taking photographs, a lifelong pastime. His award-winning works have been displayed in galleries, office buildings, and museums throughout Florida.  If that were not enough, Chris also designed computer systems, pioneering one of the country’s first paperless office management systems. He was always committed to using the latest in state of the art knowledge management systems to operate the James Hoyer office. One of his many great achievements was Genu, a knowledge management software system, which the firm utilizes for case management. Chris also had a great love for the game of golf, but most of all, he was a man who loved his friends and family and was always grateful for his time with them.