Qui Tam Tips: How To File A Whistleblower Complaint

Just because you know about government fraud doesn’t mean anyone will do anything about it in a qui tam case. Many people, including some lawyers, believe all they need to do is file a whistleblower (qui tam) complaint, then sit back to wait for the money truck to arrive. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

You’ll need attorneys who have litigated big whistleblower qui tam cases before. You’ll need investigators who know how to prove fraud. Only James, Hoyer, a law firm comprising former federal and state prosecutors, as well as former FBI agents working full-time as investigators, has the experience to turn your knowledge into results in a qui tam complaint.

After a whistleblower qui tam lawsuit is filed, it is assigned at random to a government lawyer. That lawyer has many assignments competing for his or her attention, including other qui tam complaints. If your qui tam complaint happens to catch the attorney’s attention, it might be forwarded to an investigative agency. Often that agency is the FBI. The FBI agent’s desk will be even more crowded with assignments than the government lawyer’s. And so on. Then you will get a routine request for a 6-month extension, to allow for more investigation. And then another. You won’t know if your qui tam case is dead or alive. Worse yet, another whistleblower who files a qui tam complaint similar to yours, but better-managed, may end up getting the credit and the reward for a recovery that should have been yours.

I’ve discovered fraud – what do I do next? Do I have a strong qui tam case?

The James Hoyer Law Firm is uniquely qualified to enhance the likelihood of success for whistleblowers. James Hoyer was founded by former federal prosecutors who continue to work with retired FBI agents and veteran investigative journalists to build the facts needed to win Qui Tam/False Claims Act cases. Our team’s expert knowledge of how the system works makes a big difference when it counts most. We provide you with important tips to help you prepare to file your whistleblower claim.

With our background in federal law enforcement, we know how to get the government interested in your case, which is vitally important. When you bring a government fraud case, you are competing against 1000’s of other cases also submitted to the government. Consider that 96% of all money recovered under the False Claims Act is recovered in cases where the government intervenes. We know how to get your case to the top of the pile. It’s not an easy task, because the government only intervenes in fewer than 23% of all False Claims Act cases.

Senior Partner John Newcomer leads the Qui Tam team along with Founding Partner and former Federal Prosecutor Chris Hoyer and Lead Investigator Al Scudieri who is a retired FBI white collar crime supervisor. They work side by side with other attorneys and investigators to develop the facts and evidence. A media team then helps to develop a plan to communicate that information to the government in the most effective way possible.

Success equals results. Over the past decade, the James Hoyer Law Firm’s whistleblower cases have helped to recover nearly two billion dollars for the federal government.