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The James Hoyer whistleblower law firm is organized like a prosecutor’s office: in teams. The majority of our attorneys and investigators were formerly prosecutors or FBI agents. They include veterans of the civil and criminal divisions of the Justice Department, a former Assistant Director of the FBI, and supervisors of state and federal fraud units. Senior Partner John Newcomer leads the qui tam team along with Founding Partner and former Federal Prosecutor Chris Hoyer and Lead Investigator Al Scudieri, who is a retired FBI white collar crime supervisor.

Potential whistleblowers should keep in mind that there are many arenas for False Claims Act fraud besides the highest-profile ones involving Medicare and defense industry contracting. Other emerging areas of potential fraud and qui tam complaints include the off-label marketing and sale of prescription drugs. Eli Lilly recently agreed to pay $1.415 Billion for the off-label promotion of Zyprexa. Federal student loan and financial aid programs, which include Pell grants, Stafford loans and PLUS loans, continue to be another area ripe for abuse. The Washington Post reported that “among federal programs, the student loan system has been highly vulnerable to fraud over the years.”

Our Whistleblower Team Gives You The Best Chance For Success

Just because you know about government fraud doesn’t mean anyone will do anything about it in a qui tam case. Many potential whistleblowers and their lawyers believe all they need to do is file a complaint, and then sit back to wait for the money truck to arrive. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

After you file a whistleblower lawsuit, it is randomly assigned to a government lawyer. That lawyer has many assignments competing for his or her attention, including numerous other qui tam complaints. If your qui tam complaint happens to catch the attorney’s attention, it might be forwarded to an investigative agency. Often that agency is the FBI. The FBI agent’s desk will be even more crowded with assignments than the government lawyer’s. And so on. Worse yet, another whistleblower may file a case similar to yours and if it is better-managed, you may end up getting cut out of the reward for the government’s recovery.

Facing these obstacles, you need attorneys who have litigated big cases before and you need investigators who know how to prove fraud. Only James Hoyer, a law firm comprising of former federal and state prosecutors and former FBI, has the experience to turn your knowledge into results in a qui tam complaint. Our law firm is uniquely qualified to enhance the likelihood of success for your whistleblower case.

Our team’s expert knowledge of how the system works makes a big difference when it counts most. With our background in federal law enforcement, we know how to get the government interested in your case, which is vitally important when you are competing against thousands of other cases. Consider that 96% of all money recovered under the False Claims Act is recovered in cases where the government intervenes and that the government only intervenes in about a quarter of all False Claims Act cases. We know how to get your case to the top of the pile. The video above will help you help us prepare your case for success.

Innovative Technology And Media Capabilities Set Your Case Apart

James Hoyer lawyers have spent years representing whistleblowers in qui tam cases. We know that the process is complex and that the single most important element is how your case is conveyed to the government. To this end, we have helped develop innovative technology that changes the way that qui tam cases are handled. Click on the video to the right to see how our technology makes us better able to represent you.

Our proprietary case management system enables us to cull out important knowledge and categorize it by issue. The knowledge is then able to be incorporated into a multimedia website that we are able to share with the government lawyers and investigators no matter where they are located across the country.

In addition, our firm includes former news and TV journalists and a fully operational media suite capable of producing Emmy award winning videos about your case to better persuade the government to focus on your case. Our video production team helps communicate your case to the government in a uniquely effective way that will set your case apart from the standard written complaints piled on the government lawyer’s desk.

Our Methods Get Results

Over the past decade, the James Hoyer law firm whistleblower cases have helped recover nearly two billion dollars for the government. Our unsealed qui tam cases include record-setters: Columbia HCA, Eckerd Corp., Quorum Health Care, Walgreen’s and Convergys.

James Hoyer clients took part in the first and fourth largest False Claims, Stark Law, and Anti-Kickback settlements of 2014, as compiled by Becker’s Hospital Review.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. Click here to hear what our clients have to say about being a whistleblower.

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