Telephone Cramming: Unauthorized or Extra Phone Bill Charges

What is Cramming?

Cramming is the deceptive practice of third party companies adding small charges to your phone bill for a service you did not consent to, order, or even use. Sometimes the charges resemble ordinary phone fees so they appear legitimate. They may be called “minimum use fee,” “activation,” or “voice mail.” Cramming is one of the most common complaints fielded by the Federal Trade Commission.

What Steps Can You Take?

If your phone bill changes month-to-month or is more than you expected, read it carefully to make sure that you are not being crammed with unauthorized charges. Pay special attention to bill sections labeled “Miscellaneous” or “Third-Party Charges.” If you discover any unauthorized charges and want to report a fraud, please fill out the form below or call toll free (800) 651-2502 to speak with an attorney.