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Judge Rules IU Health Whistleblower Case Should Move Forward

Dr. JudithRobinsonPic

Dr. Judith Robinson

The James Hoyer whistleblower case against HealthNet and IU Health, the largest health system in Indiana, will move forward.  The suit, brought by Dr. Judith Robinson, an ob/gyn and former director at both entities, alleges HealthNet and IU Health provided substandard care to low income pregnant women and fraudulently billed for their care.

Under Indiana Medicaid rules, high risk pregnant women must receive care from a doctor in order for that care to be reimbursed. Instead, the suit says IU Health and HealthNet used certified nurse midwives to provide their care, in what Dr. Robinson believes was a money saving scheme.

The latest development was reported in the Indianapolis Star and on WTHR TV in Indianapolis, which have been following the case over the past year.

“She (Dr. Robinson) brought this case to make sure Medicaid patients are getting the care they deserve. We believe allowing this lawsuit to go forward is a really strong step in that direction,” Jame Hoyer Partner Jillian Estes told WTHR.


Whistleblower Case Exposes Harm to Babies and Moms

13 WTHR Indianapolis

The case of a baby who suffered permanent neurological damage during birth was exposed in a whistleblower case filed by James Hoyer client Dr. Judith Robinson.  WTHR, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, profiled the story of little Denise and her mom, Nancy Koger. The Koger’s case was one of three permanently injured babies and 17 “near misses” in a six month period documented by Dr. Robinson when she worked at IU Health and Methodist Hospital.  Dr. Robinson blew the whistle on the health network for allowing midwives to care for low-income, high risk, pregnancy patients, in violation of state Medicaid rules by filing a whistleblower case.

Investigative Reporter Sandra Chapman took viewers into the delivery room to witness alarming moments during baby Denise’s birth and revealed that her mom required an emergency C-section, after a mid-wife missed key warning signs two days earlier and sent her home. As a result, Denise suffered brain damage.  The toddler is now in a wheelchair, unable to talk and must be fed through a tube.  Nancy Koger is in the process of filing suit against IU Health and Methodist Hospital.

WTHR Report- PART 2: Mom Claims Botched Delivery & Missing Medical Records13 WTHR Indianapolis

In this second report, WTHR Investigative Reporter Sandra Chapman looks at the case of Dorothy Riggle and her daughter Crystal, who is now 10-years old. Crystal suffered brain damage and permanent injury to her arm and eye after a traumatic birth, at Methodist Hospital. Her mom says a midwife refused to call a doctor when she came to the emergency in labor, despite telling her that she had a high risk pregnancy. Adding insult to injury, the hospital told them it lost the medical records of Crystal’s birth, so their efforts to take legal action have been compromised.