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Attorney Jesse Hoyer Fights Fraud, carrying on firm legacy

James Hoyer law firm Shareholder & Partner Jesse Hoyer

Attorney Jesse Hoyer is a partner and shareholder of the James Hoyer law firm. She carries on the legacy of her parents, former prosecutors who founded the firm. Watch the video below to learn more about her.

Attorney Jesse Hoyer explains how she helps clients.

Jesse’s main area of practice is False Claims Act – Whistleblower litigation, which is essentially fighting fraud against the government. Her area of specialty is education fraud, specifically cases involving for-profit colleges that abuse government financial aid funding. She also handles cases involving healthcare, big pharma, and defense contractor fraud, among others.

If you are a potential whistleblower with information that your company is improperly billing the U.S. government, you can request a confidential evaluation here:

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Founding Partner Judy Hoyer Describes Firm Philosophy

Judy Hoyer is one of the founding partners of the James Hoyer law firm. She made her name as a prosecutor and carried that experience into private practice here as a whistleblower attorney at the James Hoyer law firm, with a focus on qui tam litigation.

Judy believes that the means and methods of committing fraud have changed over the years, but that stealing is still stealing and a thief is still a thief, no matter how well-dressed. Watch the video below to hear Judy describe the philosophy of the firm and her transition from prosecutor to whistleblower attorney.