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Another “Managed Repair” Homeowners Insurance Nightmare

ABC News in Tampa interviews Morales family about managed repair problems.

ABC News in Tampa interviews Katie and Chris Morales about managed repair problems.

ABC Action News in Tampa told the story of another “managed repair” nightmare for homeowners in Florida. Katie and Chris Morales of Tampa have been battling their home insurance company, Florida Peninsula, ever since problems developed following repairs made to their home due to a water leak. Click here to see the ABC News story.

Florida Peninsula invoked a little known clause in its contract called “managed repair,” which gives the company the ability to take over repair of a homeowner’s property. Many homeowners throughout the state of Florida have found themselves subjected to this, with the repair of their greatest asset essentially hijacked by the insurance company. Insurers use their “preferred providers” to save money and homeowners have little to no say over who repairs their home.

How to Get Help

The James Hoyer Firm, along with attorneys from the Stockham Law Group in Tampa, are teaming up to alert and help homeowners being subjected to this burdensome practice.  It’s important for you to know we believe you should not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs when an insurance company invokes its “right to repair.” That includes your deductible.  Click here to learn more.

Chris and Katie Morales

Chris and Katie Morales

The Morales’ Fight Back

In the Morales’ case, just two months after repair work was completed newly laid wooden floors buckled and a potentially dangerous mold problem developed in the home. Florida Peninsula is denying its contractor’s work caused the problems, but the Moraleses never had problems with mold or moisture before.

Now, the Morales’ have been forced to sue Florida Peninsula to try and get an acceptable resolution to fix the problem. Luckily, Florida law gives homeowners the ability to sue their home insurance company over a claim with no out of pocket costs. These cases are done on a contingency basis, so if you lose, you pay nothing. If you win, the insurance company must pay the homeowner’s attorney’s fees, on top of any damages paid.

If you’ve had a problem with “managed repair,” click here for a confidential case evaluation.


“Managed Repair” of Home Insurance Claims Wreaking Havoc for Homeowners

insuranceBotched repairs, improper mold remediation, additional damage to your home, and extensive delays in getting repairs done.  Those are just some of the problems becoming more and more common for homeowners subjected to “managed repair” by their home insurance companies.

Media Coverage

The James Hoyer Firm, along with attorneys from the Stockham Law Firm in Tampa, are teaming up to help homeowners being subjected to this burdensome practice.  Here are several recent cases where we helped to expose the problems of “managed repair” with local news media:

WPTV TV in West Palm: Homeowners concerned after Florida insurance companies manage repairs

WEAR TV in Pensacola: Homeowner blasts Right to Repair policy for insurance companies

WINK TV in Ft. Myers: Locked out of repairs: a clause that may impact your home insurance claim

WINK TV in Ft. Myers: Homeowner sues insurance company over alleged deceptive practices

WFTS TV in Tampa:  Another Managed Repair Nightmare

Several Florida home insurers have begun to invoke their “right to repair” clause when homeowners file a claim. Insurers will say it takes the hassle away from the homeowner, but as we’ve seen, it often causes more problems for homeowners, rather than fewer.

Right to Repair/Wrong for Homeowners

Essentially, the insurance company takes over the repair of your property when you make a claim, instead of paying you the amount to get the work done with a contractor of your choice. This saves the insurance company money by using one of its “preferred contractors,” but has led to contractors cutting corners, rushing jobs, or creating lengthy delays in completing work.  The homeowner often does not know how much the contractor gets paid or what exactly their deal is with the insurer. The repair of your home is literally hijacked.  It takes away much of the control over who does the work and how it’s done in your own home.

To learn more about this and what you can do about it click here.


Property Damage Insurance Claim Problems

Homeowners and Condo Owners:
Know Your Rights

Did your property insurance company invoke its “right to repair” your property? Did they require you to use “preferred” contractors? This is called MANAGED REPAIR and when an insurance company uses that option, you have certain rights, the most important of which is:

Under the law, you are not required to pay any deductible or out-of-pocket payment for the repairs to be completed.

Our firm’s experienced attorneys and investigators work on behalf of homeowners, condo owners, and condo associations to make sure that your rights were not violated.

Below is a list of Florida property insurers that regularly invoke their “right to repair” residential property claims and also some of their “preferred” or affiliated repair contractors.

Insurance CompaniesPreferred Contractors
People's Trust Insurance CompanyRapid Response Team
Tower Hill Insurance Company, including:

Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company

Tower Hill Preferred Insurance Company

Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company

Tower Hill Select Insurance Company
CastleCare through Alacrity Services (a Lowe’s Company)

Rytech and others
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanyManaged Repair Program

Contractor Connection
Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance CompanyPlatinum Prepared Savings Program

Contractor Connection and others
Prepared Insurance CompanyConcierge Claim Program

Our firm is investigating claims that these insurance companies and/or their repair companies violated Florida law when they invoked the “right to repair” and still made people pay out-of-pocket for deductibles, supplies, or other amounts for repairs to homes, condos, or condo common areas, which should have been covered.


Fill out the contact form below. Each submission is read by an attorney or investigator. We will contact you as soon as possible based on the information you give. If you’re a homeowner, condo owner, and/or condo association share your story about what you experienced when the insurance company invoked the “right to repair” your property.