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Partner Jesse Hoyer Speaks at American Bar Association Conference

(L to R) Trial Consultant Suann Ingle, Attorney Jesse Hoyer, Jury Consultant Max Bloom

Partner Jesse Hoyer took part in a panel at the American Bar Association’s 2019 False Claims Act and Qui Tam Trial Institute at Fordham University on June 20th.

The False Claims Act mock trial gave attendees a rare look at a whistleblower trial from start to finish, including how jurors come to their verdict. Attorneys were able to observe jury deliberations, via video, and see how jurors responded to themes, evidence and arguments presented during the mock trial.

In addition to attending the mock trial, Jesse Hoyer sat on a panel titled “Bringing Your Trial to Life: Trial Graphics and Jury Consultants.” Joining her on the panel were trial consultant Suann Ingle of Suann Ingle Associates in New York City and jury consultant Max Bloom from Holocene in San Francisco.

“The mock trial was a fascinating exercise to witness, and it was a special honor to present on the panel,” Hoyer said.


James Hoyer Investigator Speaks at National Investigative Reporters Conference

IRE Speakers (l to r): Steve Becker, Andy Donahue, Nicole Hong, Angie Moreschi

Every year, the national Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) conference brings together many of the best investigative reporters in the United States and abroad. More than 2000 journalists attended IRE 2019 in Houston to learn investigative techniques and develop story ideas. High on the list: stories about fraud.

James Hoyer Investigator and Communications Director Angie Moreschi was invited to speak on a panel about detecting business fraud. For the presentation, she joined Wall Street Journal reporter Nicole Hong, Better Business Bureau International Investigations Specialist Steve Becker, and moderator Andy Donahue, editor of Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

“These are some of the smartest and best reporters in the world, so it’s always an honor and privilege to speak at the IRE conference. I try to offer useful, practical tips on how to find fraud against the government and ideas to help reporters tell these important stories to public,” Angie said.

The False Claims Act & Whistleblowers

Angie shared important information about how whistleblowers help to expose fraud against the government through the False Claims Act and how they help to recover money for taxpayers.

The False Claims Act is the law that makes it possible for private citizens to file suit on behalf of the government when they become aware of fraud at companies ripping off government agencies or programs.  Through these whistleblower suits, the Department of Justice recovered $2.8 billion, last year alone.

There’s a lot of fraud out there and it takes many forms, from improper patient admissions, over-billing, and up-coding at hospitals;  kickbacks for referrals; selling unnecessary medical equipment; pharmaceutical companies pushing the sale of drugs off-label; defense contractor fraud; and financial aid fraud.

Fastest Growing Types of Fraud

Healthcare fraud is far and away the number one type of fraud against the government, with DOJ estimating some $100 billion lost to healthcare fraud, every year.

One of the fastest growing areas is Durable Medical Equipment fraud. This is where unscrupulous companies often target senior citizens on Medicare and harass them with multiple phone calls everyday, trying to get them to authorize shipments of medical equipment or products. The big problem is many patients don’t need or want the items, but in several cases, the companies ship them anyway, and then fraudulently bill the government.

“It’s something all taxpayers should care about, because we all pay for it,” Angie said.

Presentation by Other Panelists

In addition to Angie’s presentation, Wall Street Journal reporter Nicole Hong talked about some of the biggest fraud cases covered by the paper, this year; and BBB investigator Steve Becker looked at some of the top areas of consumer fraud, including online romance scams, puppy scams, and business email scams.


Attorney Jesse Hoyer Fights Fraud, carrying on firm legacy

James Hoyer law firm Shareholder & Partner Jesse Hoyer

Attorney Jesse Hoyer is a partner and shareholder of the James Hoyer law firm. She carries on the legacy of her parents, former prosecutors who founded the firm. Watch the video below to learn more about her.

Attorney Jesse Hoyer explains how she helps clients.

Jesse’s main area of practice is False Claims Act – Whistleblower litigation, which is essentially fighting fraud against the government. Her area of specialty is education fraud, specifically cases involving for-profit colleges that abuse government financial aid funding. She also handles cases involving healthcare, big pharma, and defense contractor fraud, among others.

If you are a potential whistleblower with information that your company is improperly billing the U.S. government, you can request a confidential evaluation here:

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James Hoyer Partner Leads Panel Discussion at TAF Conference

(L to R) Elaine Stromgren, Susan Gouinlock, Sean Keefe, Kristen Folding

James Hoyer partner Elaine Stromgren had the honor of leading a panel on statistical sampling at this year’s annual Taxpayers Against Fraud conference in Washington D.C.  Statistical sampling can be an essential tool in False Claims Act cases, especially when the fraud is too widespread to prove each false claim on an individual basis.

Elaine was able to successfully use statistical sampling to aid in settling the recent Prime Healthcare case for $65 million. She proposed the topic for this year’s conference and worked to assemble stellar panel members to share their expertise.

The distinguished panelists included attorney Susan Gouinlock, co-counsel in the Prime Healthcare Case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Keefe (former James Hoyer partner), and statistics expert Kristen Folding of Amenity Consulting.

The panel discussed important aspects of statistical sampling to help relators’ counsel understand the basic concepts involved in developing an effective and reliable statistical sampling plan. They also tackled tough issues like aggressive challenges by defendants who have attacked sampling as a method to prove liability.  Attendees learned ways to overcome legal challenges to sampling and extrapolation.

As always, this panel and others at this year’s TAF conference provided a wonderful forum to share ideas and help fellow attorneys in our efforts to represent whistleblowers and fight fraud against the government.


$65 Million Prime Healthcare Whistleblower Settlement

Prime Whistleblower

Whistleblower’s Fearless 7-Year Pursuit of Justice:

Los Angeles, CA- August 3, 2018— The 5th largest for-profit hospital system in the country has agreed to pay $65 million to settle civil charges of healthcare fraud against the government. Prime Healthcare has also agreed to abide by a Corporate Integrity Agreement with strict requirements and oversight to ensure it will follow Medicare rules in the future. Prime, headquartered in Ontario, CA, has 45 hospitals in 14 states. It was a long-fought battle against the healthcare giant lasting nearly a decade, but whistleblower Karin Berntsen is grateful to finally see Prime held accountable.  Read More…