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Whistleblower in IU Health Case Speaks at Annual TAF Conference

Dr. Judy Robinson speaks on TAF whistleblower panel

Dr. Judy Robinson, James Hoyer client and whistleblower in the $18 million IU Health/HealthNet case, spoke on the whistleblower panel at the annual Taxpayers Against Fraud Conference in Washington D.C. on November 3rd.  Dr. Robinson gave a powerful presentation talking about the important and sometimes difficult road whistleblowers face in order to do the right thing.

Dr. Robinson with James Hoyer Investigator & Communications Director Angie Moreschi

Dr. Robinson with James Hoyer Investigator & Communications Director Angie Moreschi

Dr. Robinson is a prominent Indianapolis Ob/Gyn and former employee of both IU Health and HealthNet, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) which primarily provides services to low income populations. She came forward as a whistleblower to expose what she believed was substandard care being provided to pregnant women and babies on Medicaid.  Her case was featured prominently in both local and national media, drawing attention to the need to protect those women and babies.  The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association will name her Consumer Advocate of the Year at their annual luncheon on November 7th.

Dr. Robinson’s qui tam suit alleged that IU Health and HealthNet violated Indiana Medicaid rules to save money by using CNMs, instead of doctors, to care for medically high-risk pregnant women.  She documented three instances of babies suffering permanent neurological damage and 17 “near misses” in just six months, as a result of care to high risk patients by CNMs. When her efforts to change the system fell on deaf ears, Dr. Robinson was ostracized and ultimately fired.  She then learned that billing for CNM care of high risk patients violates Indiana Medicaid rules and felt compelled to bring her information forward to the government.

TAF Chairman Neil Getnick, Dr. Robinson, and fellow whistleblowers Eben Steele & Don Galmines

TAF Chairman Neil Getnick, Dr. Robinson, and fellow whistleblowers Eben Steele & Don Galmines

Dr. Robinson, along with her attorneys from the James Hoyer Firm, ultimately secured an $18 million settlement from two of Indiana’s largest healthcare providers to resolve illegal kickback claims and and an additional $1.4 million for false billing claims.  In addition, HealthNet agreed to a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the federal government related to the kickback allegations, which required the clinic to restructure and maintain complete independence from IU Health.  In a written agreement, HealthNet also agreed to follow the rules and change its practice of having CNMs care for high risk pregnant women.  IU Health must submit to regular monitoring.


Al Jazeera America Profiles Whistleblower Case Alleging Babies Endangered for Profit

James Hoyer Whistleblower Attorneys Represent Dr. Judy RobinsonDr. Judy Robinson, represented by James Hoyer whistleblower attorneys, filed a qui tam case that was the subject of an in-depth story on Al Jazeera America’s flagship news program America Tonight.  Dr. Robinson’s suit alleges poor, pregnant women and their newborn babies were put at risk in a fraud scheme designed to increase profit for Indiana’s largest healthcare system. Dr. Robinson’s suit alleges IU Health and HealthNet used midwives to care for high risk patients to save money.

Correspondent Lori Jane Gliha profiled high risk patients who suffered harm after getting the majority of care from midwives, instead of doctors.  Indiana Medicaid rules require that doctors handle the care of high risk, low income, pregnant mothers, not midwives, because complications can arise quickly and put mother and baby in danger. The video below is an excerpt from Gliha’s report.