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A need for more (effective) False Claims Act ordinances?

Whistleblower Award

Stack Of CashDuring the fiscal year 2014, the Federal government recovered nearly $6 billion from False Claims Act cases as more than 700 whistleblower lawsuits were filed for the second consecutive year.  These statistics plainly show the effectiveness of incentivizing whistleblowers to risk coming forward to report wrongdoing.

Presently 30 states have adopted False Claims Act statutes that share similarities with the Federal model, but have nuances as to the types of fraud each state allows whistleblowers to report and how much of a percentage they can receive from the government’s recovery.  Given the whistleblowing success at the Federal level, we expect these state statutes to continue to proliferate.

The question becomes, why don’t municipalities and counties protect their money with similar False Claims Act ordinances?

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