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James Hoyer Attorney Speaks at Annual Certified Fraud Examiners Conference

James Hoyer Attorney Clark Bolton (center) speaks on panel at 19th Annual ACFE Fraud conference in Tampa Bay.

James Hoyer Attorney Clark Bolton offered unique insight at the 19th annual Association of Certified Fraud Examiners conference in Tampa Bay. As a former fraud examiner turned whistleblower turned False Claims Act attorney, Clark provided a rare look at what it’s like to be an insider exposing fraud and now an attorney litigating fraud against the government.

Clark first came to James Hoyer as a client a decade ago. He was one of four whistleblowers in the $137.5 million WellCare settlement with the Department of Justice. Click here to learn more about Clark’s experience as a whistleblower in his own words.

Following the WellCare settlement, Clark took a long, hard look at his life and decided to make a career change. After more than two decades as a fraud examiner, he committed to becoming an attorney.  In his senior year of law school, he joined James Hoyer as an investigator, and with his trademark  discipline and determination, graduated cum laude.  All the hard work paid off when Clark passed the Florida Bar Exam in April 2018 and became an Associate with the James Hoyer firm. It was an incredible accomplishment after a roller coaster decade that took him from the whistleblower to the lawyer who now helps whistleblowers seeking justice.

Clark shared his story with members of ACFE and explained how important it is for companies to listen to employees when they come forward to voice their concerns internally.  Too often, however, he said “greed” gets in the way and businesses ignore employee concerns.  That’s where Clark and James Hoyer come in. As one of the premiere Whistleblower/False Claims Act firms in the nation, we listen when employees feel they have nowhere else to turn.

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Former Wellcare Executives Found Guilty of Fraud Charges

Four WellCare Executives were found guilty on several criminal counts in a case that started, in part, with a whistleblower suit filed by James Hoyer Law Firm client Clark Bolton.  Qui tam cases filed by Bolton and three other whistleblowers led to a civil settlement of $137.5 million between the Department of Justice and WellCare.  That settlement resolved claims that WellCare overcharged Medicaid and knowingly kept over-payments from Florida’s Medicaid program.

The criminal trial now brings the case full circle with this jury verdict. The four WellCare Corporate Executives were charged with multiple counts of medical fraud, conspiracy and making false statements.  While the defendants were found guilty of medical fraud, the jury was unable to reach verdicts on the conspiracy charges.

The Tampa Tribune reports that the trial of the four former WellCare executives on federal Medicaid fraud charges lasted two-and-a-half months. Prosecutors listed more than 100 witnesses and presented reams of evidence in the forms of emails and electronic spreadsheets and accounting ledgers.

Those charged in the case were former WellCare Chief Executive Officer Todd Farha; Chief Financial Officer Paul Behrens; William Kale, vice president of Harmony Behavioral Health, a WellCare subsidiary; and Peter Clay, vice president of medical operations.

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