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Another “Managed Repair” Homeowners Insurance Nightmare

ABC News in Tampa interviews Morales family about managed repair problems.

ABC News in Tampa interviews Katie and Chris Morales about managed repair problems.

ABC Action News in Tampa told the story of another “managed repair” nightmare for homeowners in Florida. Katie and Chris Morales of Tampa have been battling their home insurance company, Florida Peninsula, ever since problems developed following repairs made to their home due to a water leak. Click here to see the ABC News story.

Florida Peninsula invoked a little known clause in its contract called “managed repair,” which gives the company the ability to take over repair of a homeowner’s property. Many homeowners throughout the state of Florida have found themselves subjected to this, with the repair of their greatest asset essentially hijacked by the insurance company. Insurers use their “preferred providers” to save money and homeowners have little to no say over who repairs their home.

How to Get Help

The James Hoyer Firm, along with attorneys from the Stockham Law Group in Tampa, are teaming up to alert and help homeowners being subjected to this burdensome practice.  It’s important for you to know we believe you should not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs when an insurance company invokes its “right to repair.” That includes your deductible.  Click here to learn more.

Chris and Katie Morales

Chris and Katie Morales

The Morales’ Fight Back

In the Morales’ case, just two months after repair work was completed newly laid wooden floors buckled and a potentially dangerous mold problem developed in the home. Florida Peninsula is denying its contractor’s work caused the problems, but the Moraleses never had problems with mold or moisture before.

Now, the Morales’ have been forced to sue Florida Peninsula to try and get an acceptable resolution to fix the problem. Luckily, Florida law gives homeowners the ability to sue their home insurance company over a claim with no out of pocket costs. These cases are done on a contingency basis, so if you lose, you pay nothing. If you win, the insurance company must pay the homeowner’s attorney’s fees, on top of any damages paid.

If you’ve had a problem with “managed repair,” click here for a confidential case evaluation.


James Hoyer Partner Interviewed about Mandatory Arbitration Pitfalls for Consumers

Jesse Pic3- ABC Arbitration storyJames Hoyer Partner Jesse Hoyer is a strong advocate for consumers and taxpayers. She’s seen how mandatory arbitration agreements can hurt consumers and shared her concerns with ABC Action News I-team reporter Adam Walser.

Walser recently took an eye-opening look into the arbitration clauses that many home builders put into their agreements with homeowners. He profiled two families dealing with significant structural issues in their new homes.  They’ve been unable to get the companies to fix the problems properly and provide them relief, in part because of mandatory arbitration agreements.

Attorney Jesse Hoyer explained in the story that arbitration agreements are often lop-sided giving businesses the edge over consumers.

“Corporations can wait them out, they can bleed them financially. They can draw everything out over time,” said Hoyer.

That’s exactly what happened to the families in ABC’s report. Both are struggling to find a resolution with companies that built their homes.

Click here to watch the report and learn more about this story from ABC Action News.

Hoyer says, because these clauses most often favor corporations, avoid them if you can. Unfortunately, consumers are often stuck, because companies make these clauses a take-it or leave-it proposition, knowing they will have the upper hand.  If you want the service provided, whether it’s a home builder, doctor’s visit, or employment agreement, often times you must sign. If you feel you have no choice, ask lots of questions and understand what you’re getting into.  Try to at least make sure you retain your right to pursue a lawsuit, if the dispute cannot be resolved by arbitration.


James Hoyer Partner Interviewed about For-Profit ITT Tech’s Closing

Jesse-ITT pic1
James Hoyer partner Jesse Hoyer provided insight on the closing of for-profit college ITT Tech, during an interview with ABC Action News in Tampa.  Hoyer has extensive experience investigating and bringing suit against for-profit colleges for questionable practices.

ITT suddenly closed its doors Tuesday impacting 35,000 students and 8,000 employees. The school blamed the shutdown on recent action by the U.S. Education Department to ban ITT from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid, but Hoyer pointed out the DOE did so with good reason.

“It’s not the government that shut them down. They shut themselves down. If they were offering a viable, legitimate business, they would be able to get financial funding from other sources.” Hoyer explained.

ITT, like many for-profit colleges, depends heavily on taxpayer funding for students.  In fact, some 80-percent of ITT’s tuition was paid through federal financial aid dollars.  With that money source cut off, the school anticipated that it could no longer attract students to pay for its courses.

ITT was being investigated for several problems prior to the closing. In August, a group that accredits ITT found that the chain failed to meet several basic standards and was unlikely to comply in the future.

ITT’s closure comes after Corinthian Colleges Inc. shut the doors of its schools and filed for bankruptcy last year. The Education Department agreed to forgive $171 million in loans owed by former students, most of them in California.

Click on the video above to see the ITT Tech closing story by ABC Action News.


Former Prosecutor Chris Hoyer Talks about Fighting the Mob in Tampa

Chris Hoyer interviewed by ABC I-team reporter Adam Walser

Chris Hoyer interviewed by ABC I-team reporter Adam Walser

Bringing down the mob in Tampa was one of most important jobs James Hoyer founding partners Bill James and Chris Hoyer tackled as federal prosecutors decades ago.  It was a battle fraught with danger and one that Hoyer rarely talks about. He broke his silence in an interview with ABC I-team reporter Adam Walser for this story which takes an in depth look at their crackdown on corruption and ultimate price some paid in the fight.  Watch the story below.

Click here to read more on the ABC Action News website.


ABC Interviews James Hoyer Partner About For-Profit Colleges

Jesse Hoyer - Partner

Jesse Hoyer – Partner

ABC Action News in Tampa continued its multi-year  investigation of for-profit colleges with another powerful report on this troubled industry.  This time the report focused on Everest University, which is closing down or selling off it’s campuses and online programs around the country.  The action comes after a Department of Education investigation revealed serious problems, including falsified job placement and attendance numbers and inflated grades.

ABC’s I-Team reporter Adam Walser interviewed James Hoyer partner Jesse Hoyer about the for profit college industry and the latest problems at Everest.  “This is a school that’s getting over a billion dollars a year in federal funding and the government is getting no return on its investment, ” said  Hoyer.



Click here to watch another I-Team story on the debt racked up by Everest students.