Success Stories

Privacy Cases

The James Hoyer firm has been at the forefront of litigation involving consumer privacy rights for over a decade. The firm has fought with some of the largest corporations in the country regarding rampant invasions of privacy in violation of federal statutes, primarily involving accessing and using credit card information to the detriment of the consumer.

Automobile and Homeowner’s Insurance

Litigation against some of the biggest insurance companies, such as Allstate Insurance Company and Progressive Insurance Company, resulted in class action settlements on behalf of over 20 million class members and worth over $200 million.

Private Mortgage Insurance

On behalf of home buyers, James Hoyer sued several mortgage insurance companies such as MGIC , Republic Mortgage Insurance, and General Electric Mortgage Insurance, recovering several millions of dollars on behalf of hundreds of thousands  of such home buyers.

Financial Institutions

During the time when subprime mortgages were aggressively marketed to home owners, James Hoyer took on some of the largest financial institutions for their privacy violations, including E-Loan, Ameriquest, Indy Mac, Wells Fargo, and People’s Choice. Settlements with several companies resulted in recoveries of millions of dollars in settlement benefits for millions of such home owners.