Tower Hill Insurance Claim Problems

Do You Have Tower Hill Insurance?

If so, you need to know your rights.

Insurance Claim ProblemsDid Tower Hill Insurance Company invoke its “right to repair” your property? Did they require you to use “preferred” contractors like CastleCare, Rytech, and others? This is called MANAGED REPAIR and when an insurance company uses that option, you have certain rights, the most important of which is:

Under the law, you are not required to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs to be completed.

Our firm’s experienced attorneys and investigators work on behalf of homeowners, condo owners, and condo associations that insured their properties with Tower Hill Insurance Company to make sure that your rights were not violated.

Specifically, our firm is investigating claims that Tower Hill Insurance Company and/or contractors like CastleCare, Rytech, and others violated Florida law when they invoked the “right to repair” and still made people pay out-of-pocket for deductibles, supplies, or other amounts for repairs to homes, condos, or condo common areas, which should have been covered.

What You Should Do If You’ve Experienced Insurance Claim Problems With Tower Hill Insurance Company

Fill out the contact form below. Each submission is read by an attorney or investigator. We will contact you as soon as possible based on the information you give. If you’re a homeowner, condo owner, and/or condo association share your story about what you experienced when Tower Hill Insurance Company invoked the “right to repair” your property.
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