Life Insurance Deceptive Marketing

Buying life insurance is one of the most far-reaching steps you can take, but the process has always been confusing and fraught with danger. Our law firm filed groundbreaking class-action lawsuits against the insurance industry after we discovered that companies told lies when selling life insurance policies. The lies include selling life insurance policies as investment or pension plans, and promising policyholders their premiums would vanish thanks to high investment returns. We have also documented many cases of replacement, churning and twisting. Those are the terms for when a company or an agent needlessly sells you into new policies again and again, in order to boost their own bottom lines. Were you surprised to learn that your premiums went higher instead of disappearing? That your policy’s cash value was eaten up? That your agent made promises that turned out to be untrue? Fill out the form below to share your problem with us.

Concerned that you may be a victim? Our Consumer Check List will help you find out.

Answering yes to some or all of the questions in a section might mean that you’ve been taken advantage of. For more information about your situation, contact James Hoyer, P.A. All inquiries are confidential.

Do you own life insurance?

Is it called a “variable” or “universal” life insurance policy?

In the last 20 years, did an agent persuade you or try to persuade you to “upgrade” your policy, replace your policy with a new one, or increase the death benefit, while telling you your premiums would stay the same?

Did an agent ever promise you that your premiums would “vanish” after a period of years – 7, 10, 14 or another number?

Did an agent sell you an “investment” or “pension” plan that turned out to be insurance?

Have you discovered that the “cash value” of your policy has decreased or disappeared?

Has your agent made promises that turned out to be untrue?