James Hoyer Investigator Speaks at Investigative Reporters & Editors Conference

Angie Moreschi (left) speaking on IRE 2018 panel with David Cay Johnston (center) and Roddy Boyd (right).

James Hoyer law firm Investigator and Communications Director Angie Moreschi spoke at the 2018 Investigative Reporters and Editors’ Conference held in Orlando this June.  The annual event is attended by many of the best investigative reporters in the U.S. and abroad. Angie shared her expertise on how whistleblowers can help reporters find fraud.

Joining Angie on the panel about Finding Fraud were best selling author and Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston and Founder of the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation Roddy Boyd.

How Whistleblowers Help to Fight Fraud

Angie speaking about how whistleblowers help to fight fraud.

Angie shared important information about how whistleblowers help to expose fraud against the government and recover money for taxpayers.

The False Claims Act is the law that makes it possible for private citizens to file suit on behalf of the government when they become aware of fraud ripping off government agencies or programs.  Through these whistleblower suits, the Department of Justice recovered $3.7 billion, last year alone.

Angie explained that healthcare fraud is far and away the number one type of fraud against the government.  These cases include improper patient admissions, over-billing, and up-coding at hospitals;  kickbacks for referrals; selling unnecessary medical equipment; and pharmaceutical companies pushing the sale of drugs off-label.

(L to R) Angie Moreschi, David Cay Johnston, Roddy Boyd

Other top areas of fraud include for-profit colleges improperly seeking Title IV federal financial aid dollars, military contractors seeking Department of Defense money, and housing and mortgage scams targeting the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Veterans Administration.

Angie also discussed how whistleblower lawsuits work and the history of the False Claims Act.

IRE is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting.  Angie was an investigative reporter and IRE Medal award winner prior to joining the James Hoyer Law Firm.