Insurance Companies Shortchange Texas Hurricane Victims

KHOU TV in Houston exposes the story of Hurricane Ike victims shortchanged by their insurance companies.

If you’re a former employee who has information about how insurance companies denied Overhead and Profit to Hurricane Ike victims, please contact the James Hoyer Law Firm, by filling out the form below.

Our investigation shows some Texas Insurance companies are systematically undercutting payments to Hurricane Ike victims. The short payments made it difficult, if not impossible, for some homeowners to co-ordinate all the repairs needed to their home. By not paying these disaster victims what they are owed, these companies guaranteed they would not be able to afford the proper repair-work. And, now nearly a year later, as we begin another hurricane season, some homeowners are still struggling with their homes yet to be repaired.

Essentially, the companies are skimming 20% off of each claim, an average of $2000. That’s money to which homeowners are entitled. What’s worse, the companies doing this are deliberately snubbing an order from the Texas Insurance Commissioner, who issued a bulletin telling them they must pay this additional 20%, which is known as “overhead and profit” in the homeowners insurance industry.

This “overhead and profit” is provided to the homeowner as a way to coordinate major repairs by hiring a contractor. Generally, if a homeowner requires three or more different trades to do the work, they are entitled to “overhead and profit.” That would include different repairs like roof repair, drywall repair, fence repair, plumber, electrician, etc.

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