We Assist and Partner With Government Agencies

We understand the problem

Mandates get bigger, fraud gets more sophisticated and agency resources are already taxed to the limit.

Confronting a modern fraud is a complex process. Locating and interviewing what may be thousands of victims to understand the scope of a fraud is hard enough. Absorbing their information while trying to process a mountain of documents is tough even for an experienced team.

We do it all

From creating Public Service Announcements with our own video production team, to constructing case-specific webpages to interact with victims, witnesses and the public we can get your message out and begin measuring the scope of the fraud. Within days.

Our staff of experienced investigators efficiently deploy their resources to get at the essential facts. From the time-honored “knocking on doors” to the sophisticated use of social networking and database analysis, they know how to find relevant facts.

Our proprietary knowledge management system enables our staff to cull the knowledge out of the information. All the knowledge is then tagged, classified and stored in a way that brings the essential facts to the foreground.

Our lawyers then fashion the facts into building the case story around the legal framework of the jurisdiction involved. Along with our media team, they prepare and transform this story into it’s final form. Ready to be communicated to the courts, regulatory bodies and the public.

We keep you informed

All this work is done in such a fashion that the client agency can view the process as it happens.  Simply connecting to our highly secure system gives the client all the information that exists… from the ‘front page’ summary to linked sources of that information. It is all there for the client to view and to interact with around the clock.

After building the cases, we will prosecute those cases in the agency’s name or hand them off to the agency staff. We stay involved either way to insure that the highest quality outcome is assured.

Best of all, this massive process can be accomplished without the expenditure of any taxpayer money when working on a contingency basis. The entity which committed the fraud ends up paying for it.

We get it done

We have performed this work for agencies headed by both appointed and elected officials from either party. Fraud is non-partisan in it’s reach. Since most of us have come from a governmental environment, we are sensitive to the inherent and necessary political obligations. Sometimes our entire process has been done in confidence, sometimes it is part of a high visibility campaign. Either way we get the job done. All of it.

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