Are you a former employee with information about fraud?

Why You’re So Important

Former EmployeeFormer employees are in the very unique position to know exactly what is going on behind closed doors.  After a qui tam case is filed and unsealed, whistleblower lawyers often get stuck in a legal battle over formal discovery, a process which can take years to get the same information that former employees can give immediately.  Former employees are therefore invaluable for providing context as to what actually happened within an organization such as:

  • what were you trained to say and do,
  • the culture at your organization,
  • what problems you saw, and
  • how the organization viewed the false claims.

We’ve spoken with hundreds of you and we’ve found that each former employee had a common goal: to make things right. While some are just angry, others want to make sure we have all of the right information for our cases to return as much money as possible for the taxpayers.  No matter which category you fit into, we’re happy to talk to you.

What You Should Do

It’s as simple as filling out the information on our contact form. Each submission is read by our investigators and attorneys. We will contact you as soon as possible based on the information that you give and the volume of responses we receive. Every single former employee has unique knowledge and experiences, so we look forward to speaking with you.