Are You A Victim Of Fraud?

Our firm specializes in the investigation and the litigation of fraud claims. While we focus on whistleblower cases, we also litigate in the area of consumer fraud. Consumer fraud encompasses a wide range of improper practices that typically involve deceit or misrepresentation in the sale of products or services that result in class actions.

Our class actions carry unparalleled weight. ´╗┐We represent people swindled by for-profit schools, insurance companies, mortgage companies, telemarketers, and other firms that have dealt with consumers in bad faith.

Class actions are lawsuits filed by one or more individuals on behalf of a much larger group of individuals who have been harmed in the same way. The individuals who bring such lawsuits are called class representatives.

The attorneys in class action lawsuits are generally paid on a contingency basis, which means that they receive a percentage of the final recovery. If there is no recovery, the class representative is not responsible for paying any attorney’s fees or costs. Class action lawsuits are permitted under Federal law and the law of most states. This form of lawsuits permits individuals who may not be able to afford the expenses of an individual lawsuit to bring a lawsuit on behalf of themselves and others.

James Hoyer employs experienced class action lawyers and investigators who can assist clients in both identifying and litigating cases of fraud. It is often difficult for a consumer to recognize when he or she has been the victim of fraud because of the complex and confusing nature of written contracts that people are faced with every day. This is particularly true in the area of health and life insurance contracts where it may be virtually impossible for someone to determine what they have bought or how much it will cost them. In addition to the complex nature of written contracts, fraud victims may have to contend with the intentional concealment of the wrongdoing by the offending party.

Here are some of the consumer frauds that we are investigating:

Deceptive Marketing

Billing Practices


Predatory Lending