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Prime Healthcare Loses Motion to Dismiss: Whistleblower Case Moves Forward

A blow was dealt to Prime Healthcare as a California federal court issued three rulings denying motions filed on behalf of the hospital corporation. As a result, an important whistleblower case, alleging Prime inappropriately admitted patients to increase profits, will move forward. “This is a very important ruling,” said James Hoyer Law Firm Partner Elaine more »

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Attorney General Nominee Pledges Support to Fight Fraud using False Claims Act

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is being questioned this week at confirmation hearings on his nomination for U.S. Attorney General by President-elect Donald Trump.  On Tuesday, Senator Sessions pledged his support to fighting fraud against the government and his support of the False Claims Act as a means to do so.

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New Study Proclaims the Value of Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers are getting a pat on the back from a new study by a University of Iowa assistant professor of accounting.  The research by Jaron Wilde shows that these insiders, often former or current employees of a target company, have an impact in getting the companies to change their bad behavior. New York Times reporter more »

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James Hoyer Partner Interviewed about Miami Whistleblower Ruling

Sean P. Keefe - James Hoyer Associate

James Hoyer Partner Sean Keefe, an expert on SEC whistleblower cases, lauded a recent Miami appeals court ruling that helps to protect whistleblowers. Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals rejected a lower court ruling that whistlebower protections do not apply to employees who are supposed to report fraud as part of their job description. Keefe more »

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Truth in Media Investigates Big Pharma

Judy pic 3 - Truth in Media

The online news website Truth in Media just finished a series of reports on Big Pharma. It’s a fascinating look at how the pharmaceutical industry has manipulated the system to increase sales and profits. Part 4 of the series highlights the case of Endo pharmaceuticals and its orphan drug Lidoderm.  The James Hoyer Law Firm more »

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Federal Government Joins Prime Healthcare Whistleblower Suit


The federal government is joining the whistleblower case of James Hoyer client Karin Berntsen against Prime Healthcare Services, its founder Dr. Prem Reddy, and more than a dozen of its hospitals.  Prime is a fast growing company that owns more than 40 hospitals nationwide. The whistleblower suit, which was unsealed in December of 2013, alleges Prime more »

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Judge Rules IU Health Whistleblower Case Should Move Forward

Dr. Judith Robinson Cropped Picture

The James Hoyer whistleblower case against HealthNet and IU Health, the largest health system in Indiana, will move forward.  The suit, brought by Dr. Judith Robinson, an ob/gyn and former director at both entities, alleges HealthNet and IU Health provided substandard care to low income pregnant women and fraudulently billed for their care. Under Indiana more »

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$2.4 Billion Returned to Taxpayers in Healthcare Fraud Recoveries

The federal government recovered $2.4 billion from healthcare fraud judgments in 2015, according to the Department of Justice.  A portion of the money recovered came as the result of work by the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control program, which coordinates federal, state and local law enforcement to fight healthcare fraud. In addition, DOJ obtained more »

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Olympus Med Equip Co. to Pay $646 Million Over Kickbacks & Bribes


The  largest distributor of endoscopes and related equipment in the United States, Olympus Corporation, will pay $623.2 million to resolve criminal charges and civil claims relating to a scheme to pay kickbacks to doctors and hospitals, the Department of Justice announced today.  The Justice Department’s Criminal Division also announced that a subsidiary of the distributor more »

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Better Year for IRS Whistleblowers in 2015

IRS Whistleblower Claims

The IRS Whistleblower Program’s annual report to Congress for FY 2015 shows the IRS paid more than $103 million to whistleblowers in FY 2015. That is a big increase, nearly doubling the amount in awards granted in FY 2014, which was $52 million.

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