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Deputy Associate AG Talks False Claims Act

Yesterday, Deputy Associate Attorney General Stephen Cox delivered remarks on the False Claims Act and qui tam enforcement by the Department of Justice. 

His speech touched on five major topics:

  1. Fraud on the Taxpayer
  2. Qui Tam Dismissals
  3. Subregulatory Guidance
  4. Piling On
  5. Cooperation Credit
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James Hoyer Attorney & Whistleblower Client Featured on American Greed Episode

James Hoyer Of Counsel Attorney David Haron and his client George Karadsheh were featured in an encore presentation of American Greed: Diagnosis Blood Money. Karadsheh blew the whistle to expose one of the most heinous medical fraud cases of our day.

Dr. Farid Fata told patients they had cancer when they did not in order to cash in on their chemo treatments. The doctor was convicted and sent to prison, and with the help of Attorney David Haron and his client, the government recovered $17 million dollars for the fraudulent billing of chemotherapy to Medicare. 

The case has been profiled by multiple media outlets around the world and on multiple programs like “American Greed” on CNBC and the CBS program “Whistleblowers.”

Click here to watch a preview of the American Greed episode and click here to watch the entire episode.


New Justice Manual Speaks to the Brand Memo’s Impact on False Claims Act Cases

New provisions of the Justice Manual that were circulated by the Deputy Attorney General recently provide new insight on how the Department of Justice will implement the Brand Memo in False Claims Act cases.  The Brand Memo was issued on January 25, 2018 and quickly spread through the whistleblower legal community as it seemed to limit the use of agency guidance documents in affirmative civil enforcement cases.  Since its release, the memo has been repeatedly cited by defendants who claimed that violations of subregulatory guidance should not be considered in False Claims Act cases.

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