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The First Whistleblower Law Is Officially 238 Years Old!

Continental Congress

Continental CongressHappy National Whistleblower Appreciation Day!

It’s the 238th anniversary of the first whistleblower law that was passed by the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War.  The law’s origins stem from ten U.S. Naval officers reporting the mistreatment of British prisoners by their commanding officer.  Read More…


Truth in Media Investigates Big Pharma

Judy pic - Truth in MediaThe online news website Truth in Media just finished a series of reports on Big Pharma. It’s a fascinating look at how the pharmaceutical industry has manipulated the system to increase sales and profits.

Part 4 of the series highlights the case of Endo pharmaceuticals and its orphan drug Lidoderm.  The James Hoyer Law Firm represented whistleblower Peggy Ryan in the case against Endo.  The False Claims Act suit ended with Endo paying $193-million to the government in a settlement for off-label marketing.

James Hoyer founding partner and former federal prosecutor Judy Hoyer was interviewed for the report.  Watch it below.


Supreme Court Case Could Be A Mixed Bag For Future Whistleblower Cases

Supreme Court Rules On Whistleblower Case

Supreme Court Rules On Whistleblower CaseA little over two weeks ago, the Supreme Court unanimously issued a decision in Universal Health Servs., Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar that has drawn diverse reactions from the whistleblower plaintiff and defense bars as to how it will apply to future whistleblower cases. Read More…