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Miami Herald Exposes Shady For-Profit College Business Practices

Jesse Hoyer - Partner

Jesse Hoyer – Partner

James Hoyer partner Jesse Hoyer was interviewed for this in-depth expose` on for-profit colleges in Florida.  Hoyer’s expertise in the for-profit college arena is extensive, having represented multiple for-profit college whistleblowers who’ve come forward to report fraud against the government.

The Miami Herald spent a year investigating for-profit colleges, interviewing dozens of witnesses and reviewing thousands of documents.  The paper’s findings are quite alarming– from unaccredited schools churning out unprepared healthcare workers who might take care of you or your loved ones; to the politicians who accepted donations from this industry, and then, passed laws paving the way for  for-profit schools to take advantage of students and taxpayers.

In one of the key articles, “Politicians turn Florida into for-profit college paradise,” attorney Jesse Hoyer explains the mess it’s all become:

Tampa attorney Jesse Hoyer, who has handled multiple for-profit college “whistle-blower” cases — legal claims brought by employees alleging fraud — said dishonest practices are “systemic” throughout the industry.

“Somebody needs to go to jail, end of story,” Hoyer said. “The level of deceit that’s going on here, the level of fraud that’s going on here, somebody needs to go to jail.”

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Lynch Expected To Be Confirmed Today

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After five months, Loretta Lynch is one vote away from confirmation.

The Senate voted 66-34 to move to a final vote to confirm Loretta Lynch as the next United States Attorney General and first African-American female to fill the position. Read More…


Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, Texas Agrees to Pay United States $21.75 Million to Settle Alleged False Claims Act Violations

Citizens Medical Center, a county-owned hospital in Victoria, Texas, has agreed to pay the United States $21,750,000 to settle allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by engaging in improper financial relationships with referring physicians, the Justice Department announced today.

“The Department of Justice has longstanding concerns about improper financial relationships between health care providers and their referral sources, because those relationships can alter a physician’s judgment about the patient’s true health care needs and drive up health care costs for everybody,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer of the Justice Department’s Civil Division.  “In addition to yielding a recovery for taxpayers, this settlement should deter similar conduct in the future and help make health care more affordable.”

“Any type of false claim or improper behavior under our health care fraud laws are serious allegations that will not be taken lightly,” said U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of the Southern District of Texas.  “The settlement announced today represents the effectiveness of our continuing efforts and an example of our priorities in this arena.”

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Whistleblower Doctor Stands Up against Indiana’s Largest Hospital System: Says Care Compromised for Low Income Pregnant Women

Dr. Judith Robinson Picture

Dr. Judith Robinson

James Hoyer law firm client Dr. Judith Robinson is a well-respected Obstetrician/Gynecologist who’s practiced in Indianapolis for 30 years. She chose to come forward as a whistleblower and put her career on the line after witnessing a violation of Medicaid rules, which she believes put pregnant women and their babies at risk. The Indianapolis Star reported on Dr. Robinson’s recently unsealed False Claims Act case in a front page story in today’s paper.

Dr. Robinson was in a unique position to realize pregnant women on Medicaid who had high risk complications were being cared for by midwives, instead of doctors, in violation of Medicaid rules.  Dr. Robinson was both Medical Director of Ob/Gyn Services at Methodist Hospital, a  safety net Indiana University Hospital and Director of Women’s Services at HealthNet, which provides health care to the medically under served.

She repeatedly tried to get the hospital administration to address the need to have doctors treat high risk patients and not midwives. She documented 17 cases which resulted in emergencies, three of which resulted in permanent neurological damage to the babies and one maternal death.

Despite these serious issues, her efforts to correct the situation were rebuffed by the hospital administration multiple times and she was ultimately fired.  Dr. Robinson presented evidence in her whistleblower suit to show the hospital chose to use midwives, instead of doctors, to save money.  She refused to stay silent and is speaking out in the hopes that this practice will be stopped.

WTHR TV in Indianapolis profiled Dr. Robinson’s case as the lead story on its 6pm newscast.  Play the video below to watch.

Dr. Robinson now practices at another hospital in Indianapolis. Click here to read more about her courageous stand against Indiana’s largest hospital system.

Dr. Robinson is represented by James Hoyer attorneys Jillian Estes and Chris Casper, as well as, co-counsel Robert Saint of Indianapolis and Christopher Jayson and Phil Farthing of Tampa.